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Polysilicon ingot stripping silicon nitride coating solution

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A1 Grade(4N)High purity silicon nitride powder.

JSH A1 Grade(4N)Main indicators of silicon nitride powder
ProjectUnitRangeTesting standards or methods
N%> 39.6GB/T 16555-2008 / IGA
O%< 0.8ASTMC1494-2001 / IGA
C%< 0.2Leco method / IGA
Feppm wt< 20ICP Method / GDMS
Alppm wt< 10ICP Method / GDMS
Cappm wt< 10ICP Method / GDMS
Pppm wt< 3ICP Method / GDMS
Sppm wt< 3ICP Method / GDMS
Bppm wt< 3ICP Method / GDMS
Si-free%< 0.05GB/T 16555-2008
Si3N4(aphar)%> 90XRD YB/T 5320-2006
D50um1.5±0.2GB/T 19077.1-2008